[TWITTER] SE7EN’S TWEETS TRANSLATION (110901) ( @officialse7en)

(1) mingkki21: @officialse7en Naaaaaaa~sebong oppa is really a cool oppa who supports us from behind~SO touched TT It’s sebong oppa who takes care of 2ne1~mingkki is so happy~#^^#

officialse7en: @mingkki21 Even though I want to take care of you guys more, 2ne1 is doing the best so there’s nothing for me to do!!^^ In the future when oppa gets old, you guys have to look after me!!^^

(2) Melody323232: Nana girls is looking for members!! We will reject if you are just interested in dance~People who have lots of passion! We are looking for 1-2min of choreography for audition, with a height of 163cm and above~It’s not something easy~Please ask questions through mentions!!RT if you have sense

WAWASOUL: @Melody323232 Me….

Melody323232: @WAWASOUL Cannot~

officialse7en: @Melody323232 @wawasoul Geez! Why can jae yong hyung not be considered1!!?? Our jae yong hyung is over 163cm tall!! Really!!Believe me!

Melody323232: @officialse7en Since famous singer se7en ssi is recommending him like this…hmm….@wawasoul but still cannot~

officialse7en: @wawasoul Hyung…Sang mi noona says that you cannot even if she dies..i think u got caught..that you’re not over 163cm tall TT ah…what a pity!!

(3) sevdnr: @officialse7en Oppa today it was really nice meeting you~I’m the fan who was with the japanese fans holding a chilbong at the exco car park today~I dont know if you remember..I’ve liked you for 8 years and this time was my first time meeting you in person~I didnt know I would be able to see you so close up and get to shake hands with you~The performance was really cool and you were the best~^^ There will be a day taht I see you again right~Have a safe trip back to Seoul~^^

officialse7en: @sevdnr Eung I think I know your face!!^^

(4) ddak: @officialse7en Ah TT I went to see the daegu performance and am going back~but the KTX stopped..the lights are out; so scary TT But seeing our singer’s performance after so long, I feel the best!

officialse7en: @ddak Omo!!?? Really?? Dont be scared and get back safely ji young!!^^

(5) jiylnoym: @officialse7en You were totally cool in daegu today ><

officialse7en: @jiylnoym I know that too^^

(6) lovelyLYH: @officialse7en Oppa~although my body was in seoul, my heart was in daegu ~kekeke Today you worked hard for a cool performance~!!Everyone must have fell for oppa after watching oppa’s super performance keke~cant you please have a solo concert TT

officialse7en: @lovelyLYH I want to have one soon as well!!

(7) springmi90: @officialse7en 4 songs..even though it’s a pity..you were cool!!It has been a really long time seeing you!!You were indeed the best today too!!Go back carefully!Let’s have solo concert!!keke

officialse7en: @springmi90 It was 5 songs! Which song did you miss!!?

(8) songemushroom; @officialse7en Thank you very much for coming to Section B (left side) alot ♥♥ I was also very touched by the hand touching, thank you oppa! ♥

officialse7en: @songemushroom Thanks to you too^^

(9) Sulm0630: @officialse7en Oppa today after you had your performance and left by van, when you opened your window and waved at me on the bus, I was super touched!! jjang jjang TTT Even now i’m shaking ~hehehe se7en god

officialse7en: @SuIm0630 Ah!! You are the student who was on the bus!!??^^ haha it was nice to meet you!!

(10) duddms0815: @officialse7en hehehe oppa~I zoomed in on oppa today to film keke~I really filmed it well..I want to show oppa kekekekekeke ~your number please…<<<<<<< When can we see a Japanese performance??

officialse7en: @enki1991 I also want to go soon^^

(17) [the fan's original tweet has since be deleted but I remember she asked, if she could have one of his toes]

officialse7en: @chb3444 Oppa’s toes are out of question!! I had a pedicure keke

[Then the fan said, would you like one of mine?]

officialse7en: @chb3444 Errr well that’s um…-.-

(18) charmingDJ: @officialse7en It’s such a pity I wasnt able to go see oppa ~Heuk TTTTT

officialse7en: @charmingDJ It was also a pity for me ..^^

(19) MB_BB: @officialse7en @mingkki21 Hello, you are doing well right?

officialse7en: @MB_BB Eung I’m doing well!! Hi michael!?

(20) raychumen: @officialse7en hi oppa…

officialse7en: @raychumen hi~~ ^^

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[TWITTER] SE7EN’S TWEETS TRANSLATION (110825-110831) (@officialse7en)

(1) @lucky7__yj Aigoo I’ve passed your birthday a bit^^ Even so, Yoojin, have a good night and happy birthday!!^^ happy bday!!!

(2) @HyunJ0828 Hyun ji~happy birthday!! Hope you have a totally good day!! Happy bday!!

(3) @HayatIsMe happy bday hayatlsme!!! Hope u hbva goood day!!! Holla~

(4) @NandaMendss happy bday nanda!!! Hva greaattt day!!! Holla~~

(5) @withloveNJ happy bday ayah!! Hope u hva greaaattt day!!! Peace!!

(6) 29rain: Finally I’ve finished filming the movie “Emergency” hehehe~So i’ve finished another production in this way~Please watch out for it~ Together with Dalsoo hyungnim…

officialse7en: @29rain Wow!!Finally!! You really worked hard!!Our hyung needs to rest..anyway firstly daebak for your concert!!^^

(7) miclarge1: Good morning~Because of late start to filming I slept well~^^Looking back now, it seems that the ppl I always talk to are the ppl I talk to on twitter as well. To my followers who are sleeping~Get up~Let’s all greet each other together~Everyone have a happy day, a rewarding day, a winning day~

officialse7en: @miclarge1 Good afternoon~ I’m also a follower who was sleeping^^ Kang woo hyung be strong til the end!! fighting!!

miclarge1: @officialse7en Thank you~Today’s weather is so good~Play hard at golf. Hurry and follow hehe

officialse7en: @miclarge1 Hyung when your drama finishes, the weather will start getting a bit chilly~come out dressed like this^^ yfrog.com/18rjxj

LSH0318: @officialse7en @miclarge1 You used the photo which I sent you, right? Eric oppa, like Dongwook oppa said, when you finish filming, how about giving the look a go? hehe and your work will cross over, so be careful not to catch a cold!

officialse7en: @LSH0318 That’s right ^^

(8) jinuSEAN3000: Introducing our Ha el~Little Jung hye young, ha el~ I pray that she will not only have mummy’s pretty face but also her pretty mum’s heart^^

officialse7en: @jinuSEAN3000 ooo ah!! She is really beautiful!! Hyeyoung noona~You worked hard^^

(9) @TheJerryism happy bday jerry!!! Hope u hva goood day bruh!!! Holla~

(10) @goni7 happy bday kaori~~~ hope u hva best day!!!! Tanjobiomedetou!!! Ja ne~~

(11) @xtpjgdmgjgd happy bday jaja!!! Hope u hva best bday!!!! Peace!!!

(12) @JulieZulaa happy bday julie~~~ hope u hva gooood day!! Holla~

(13) First time watching a girl group concert!!Enjoyable time “2NE1 NOLZA” ~Everyone did well and worked hard!! Rest well and fighting til the end~ @mingkki21

(14) @tmsj9387 Soojin~happy birthday!! Hope you have a good day!! Happy bday!

(15) @leaderluna happy bday to ur brother!!! Hope u guys hva goood time!!! Peace!!

(16) @lucky7echuko happy bday echuko!!! Tanjobiomedetou!!!! Hope u hva goood day!!! Ja ne~~~

(17) @LDreamer73 Yeonjoo friend [Dont know if he’s referring to this person by name, or that she’s a performer; yeonjoo = to perform] happy birthday!!^^

(18) @0716chacha @doublev89 Oh~ you guys know each other??^^ hehe

(19) Pjh79dancer: http://photonui.com/2eDb Just as good as Boracay~ It’s the hyupjae beach here

officialse7en: @Pjh79dancer You’ve gone to Boracay to see for youreslf before saying something like that right??^^

(20) @ridharea happy bday ridharea!!! Hope u hva gooood day!!! Peace!!

(21) @aburizu happy bday aburizu!!! Hva greaattt day!!! Holla~

(22) @fernnyk happy bday fernnyk!!!! Hope u hva good day!!! Peace!!

(23) 8/31 Daegu EXCO~Playsmart music festival!! Let’s meet tomorrow!!^^http://yfrog.com/h4i01begj

Sj861117sj: @officialse7en I want to meet you too

officialse7en: @Sj861117sj Strength wherever you are!!

(24) @sikboy_88 happy bday tomomi!!! Hope u hva goood day tmrw!!! Ja ne~~

(25) @PJMNur_ happy bday pjmnur~ hva goood day!!! Holla~~

(26) @RealJyjining Ye jin~happy birthday!! Have a good dream and have a very good day^^ happy bday!!

(27) Malaysia!!! Happy 54th Independent Day to M’sia!! Hope u hva greaaatt day!!! Peace!!!!

(28) 29rain: Congrats congrats RT @lwnmeeeL Blue salt! It premiered today^^~

[Lwmeee is the twitter account for actress Shin sae kyung]

officialse7en: @lwmeee Congrats congrats from me too!!^^

(29) Daegu~~~!!!Today’s performance in Korea after such a long time~It was really enjoyable^^ Thank you and lots of love to everyone who was there today!! Love u all!!! Peace~~~!!!

(30) @mingkki21 Today where oppa performed is the place where u guys will be coming tomorrow!! Today, oppa helped to promote by telling the audience to come tomorrow for 2ne1^^ keke fighting!! Good night~~

CR: ceciliase7en

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Sandara Park’s Cool Fanboys

A. I-Choose-Sandara-Park-as-my-ideal-girl-fanboys
Choi Minhwan of F.T. Island
Jin Woon of 2AM
Kevin of U-KISS
Alexander of U-KISS
Kim Min Seok of Touch
Swimmer Park Tae Hwan

B. Dara-is-pretty- Dara-is-cute -I-like-Dara – I-especially-like-Dara- statement-giving-fanboys
Danny Ahn of G.O.D
Baseball star Kim Tae Joon
Theater actor Yoon Hyung Ryul
Balladeer Lee Jung Suk
Choi Hyun Joon of V.O.S
Producer Teddy Park of 1TYM
Actor Park Ki Woong
Lee Seung Hwan
Baseball Player Bong Jung-Keun
Kwang Hee of ZE:A
Thai Star Chin Chinawut

C. Radio Interview fanboys
Jang Wooyoung of 2PM
Im Seulong of 2AM

D. KBS2 Champagne Ideal Type World Cup fanboys
MC Mong
Actor Park Hae Jin
Andy Lee of Shinhwa

E. Get-close-to- Thunder-to-get-close-to Dara a.k.a Thunder-is-my-Secret-Weapon-fanboys
Lee Changmin of 2AM
Star Golden Bell’s Host, Jeon Hyeon-moo
Kim Tae Woo

F. Dara-poster-and-photo-loving-fanboys
Actor Chun Jung Myung
Dong Joon of ZE:A
Kevin of ZE:A
Dancer Kwon Young Deuk

G. Fashion, Style and Imitation fanboys
Park Jaebeom
Monster Woo FAM
Kim Heechul of Super Junior
Lee Junho of 2PM

H. YG-is-the-way-to-Dara-fanboys
Lee Hwi Jae

I. Dara-is-my-song’s-muse-fanboys
Indie Artist FatDoo
Double Trouble

J. Your-action-is-fishy-fanboys
Eun Ji Won
Lee Joon of MBLAQ
8eight’s Baek Chan

K. I-want-to-meet-Dara-fanboys
Song Joong Ki

L. I-want- to-get-close-to-Dara-fanboys
Jeon Jun Young of Touch

M. Sandara-Park-is-mine-and-Sandara-Park-I-want-you -statement-giving-fanboys
Soccer Player Ki Sung-Yong
Actor Lee Ji Hoon

N. I-like-Dara-more-than-my-noona-fanboys
Mir of MBLAQ

source: http://www.6theory.com/forum/index.php/topic/19417-list-of-sandara-parks-fanboys/page__st__20



R&B singer Gummy has revealed the new music video for her song “Love Recipe“!

“Love Recipe” was released way back in November of 2010 and was an instant hit, thanks to the sweet lyrics and smooth collaboration with artist Bobby Kim. Recently, YG Entertainment filmed the new MV, complete with a revamped version of the track, and it was finally released






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                                                  2NE1 – I AM THE BEST PERFORMANCE


CREDIT: 2NE1 @ Youtube, CrazyCarrot370 @ Youtube




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2NE1’s “I Am The Best” achieves an all-kill on the music charts!







To no one’s surprise, 2NE1 has reached the number 1 spot on all of the music charts!

Though their new single “I Am The Best” was released only a few hours ago, it has managed to climb to the number 1 spot on nearly every chart including MelonCyworldMnetDosirakSoribada, andBugs.

What an amazing accomplishment for 2NE1 to get another all-kill and completely dominate the charts in such a short amount of time!


source: AKP






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[NEWS] Kim Joong Man talks about Big Bang’s DAZED&CONFUSED Concepts and TOP’s eye infection


The photographer Kim Joong-man worked with three cameras. Big Bang members gathered what ideas they wanted to show, even amidst their busy schedule in Japan.

Taeyang, who has a serious image, wanted to show Good and Bad. Daesung, who has a warm image, wanted to show coldness. Seungri wanted to show double-sided-ness. TOP wanted to show angry chaplain (for a reason he asked me not to publish with his handsome face, so i shall keep it a secret). G-Dragon even got himself special contact lenses.

The day before the photoshoot, TOP contracted an eye infection and did his photoshoot separately. The four other members concentrated on the photoshoot for over 12 hours. A few days later, TOP showed up earlier than the promised time.

To the polite editor, TOP was sorry and said, “I’m too late, aren’t I?” and he checked details on what emotions he should have and what faces he should make before the shoot began.

Editor, who was choosing the best pictures which came out as a result of many peoples’ passions, mumbled to himself— “why haven’t you been to yet, until now!”

source: dctop
trans: toptopia@tumblr via: topxeffectbb@tumblr (via: ibigbang)


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[PHOTOS/VIDEO] BIG BANG for Dazed and Confused + On set of D&C Korea [PHOTOS/VIDEO] BIG BANG for Dazed and Confused +



Big Bang on the Set Of Dazed&Confused Korea



source: nate + imshinhdeplol

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