[June 10, 2009_Cyworld] “I’ll Reveal Everything” – SE7EN

June 10, 2009

“Today, I will write not as Se7en, but as Choi Dong Wook.

I’m sorry that the recent online leak of our photos has caused such an uproar.

I, together with actress Park Han Byul, have been maintaining a 7 year-relationship from pre-debut days until right now.

I sincerely apologise that we kept denying rumours on our relationship for the past few years. We have been close friends since high school and shortly after I debut, we got together.

We have seen other couples who ended up regretting or even splitting up after their relationship was officially announced. In order not to cause the other party inconvenience and to maintain privacy, we decide that hiding our relationship was the correct way.

I kept thinking ‘As a man, if I can’t even proudly announce my relationship with my woman, how could I expect to receive respect and love from my fans?’. This was one of the reason I decided to make clear our relationship.

On the recent leak of photos online..

As all of you know, I was in America for a long time last year. Both of us decided to make a ‘private space’ in our minipage and to post our photos and letters in that space. The leaked photos were actually those which I kept in my wallet and I had scanned it to post it on the private space.

I guessed that someone had hacked into that private space and released those photos. Like other normal couples, I just want to have a small and private space for both of us. I’m sorry that this has caused inconvenience to others.

Although this is not an easy decision, I hope that all of you will continue to believe in me. To YG Entertainment, Barunson Entertainment, my fans and all of you out there, I will continue to work hard and shine as a singer and an actor.”

Credits: Naver + http://hangukdrama.wordpress.com

By weloveygfamily

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