[TWITTER] SE7EN’S TWEETS TRANSLATION (110901) ( @officialse7en)

(1) mingkki21: @officialse7en Naaaaaaa~sebong oppa is really a cool oppa who supports us from behind~SO touched TT It’s sebong oppa who takes care of 2ne1~mingkki is so happy~#^^#

officialse7en: @mingkki21 Even though I want to take care of you guys more, 2ne1 is doing the best so there’s nothing for me to do!!^^ In the future when oppa gets old, you guys have to look after me!!^^

(2) Melody323232: Nana girls is looking for members!! We will reject if you are just interested in dance~People who have lots of passion! We are looking for 1-2min of choreography for audition, with a height of 163cm and above~It’s not something easy~Please ask questions through mentions!!RT if you have sense

WAWASOUL: @Melody323232 Me….

Melody323232: @WAWASOUL Cannot~

officialse7en: @Melody323232 @wawasoul Geez! Why can jae yong hyung not be considered1!!?? Our jae yong hyung is over 163cm tall!! Really!!Believe me!

Melody323232: @officialse7en Since famous singer se7en ssi is recommending him like this…hmm….@wawasoul but still cannot~

officialse7en: @wawasoul Hyung…Sang mi noona says that you cannot even if she dies..i think u got caught..that you’re not over 163cm tall TT ah…what a pity!!

(3) sevdnr: @officialse7en Oppa today it was really nice meeting you~I’m the fan who was with the japanese fans holding a chilbong at the exco car park today~I dont know if you remember..I’ve liked you for 8 years and this time was my first time meeting you in person~I didnt know I would be able to see you so close up and get to shake hands with you~The performance was really cool and you were the best~^^ There will be a day taht I see you again right~Have a safe trip back to Seoul~^^

officialse7en: @sevdnr Eung I think I know your face!!^^

(4) ddak: @officialse7en Ah TT I went to see the daegu performance and am going back~but the KTX stopped..the lights are out; so scary TT But seeing our singer’s performance after so long, I feel the best!

officialse7en: @ddak Omo!!?? Really?? Dont be scared and get back safely ji young!!^^

(5) jiylnoym: @officialse7en You were totally cool in daegu today ><

officialse7en: @jiylnoym I know that too^^

(6) lovelyLYH: @officialse7en Oppa~although my body was in seoul, my heart was in daegu ~kekeke Today you worked hard for a cool performance~!!Everyone must have fell for oppa after watching oppa’s super performance keke~cant you please have a solo concert TT

officialse7en: @lovelyLYH I want to have one soon as well!!

(7) springmi90: @officialse7en 4 songs..even though it’s a pity..you were cool!!It has been a really long time seeing you!!You were indeed the best today too!!Go back carefully!Let’s have solo concert!!keke

officialse7en: @springmi90 It was 5 songs! Which song did you miss!!?

(8) songemushroom; @officialse7en Thank you very much for coming to Section B (left side) alot ♥♥ I was also very touched by the hand touching, thank you oppa! ♥

officialse7en: @songemushroom Thanks to you too^^

(9) Sulm0630: @officialse7en Oppa today after you had your performance and left by van, when you opened your window and waved at me on the bus, I was super touched!! jjang jjang TTT Even now i’m shaking ~hehehe se7en god

officialse7en: @SuIm0630 Ah!! You are the student who was on the bus!!??^^ haha it was nice to meet you!!

(10) duddms0815: @officialse7en hehehe oppa~I zoomed in on oppa today to film keke~I really filmed it well..I want to show oppa kekekekekeke ~your number please…<<<<<<< When can we see a Japanese performance??

officialse7en: @enki1991 I also want to go soon^^

(17) [the fan's original tweet has since be deleted but I remember she asked, if she could have one of his toes]

officialse7en: @chb3444 Oppa’s toes are out of question!! I had a pedicure keke

[Then the fan said, would you like one of mine?]

officialse7en: @chb3444 Errr well that’s um…-.-

(18) charmingDJ: @officialse7en It’s such a pity I wasnt able to go see oppa ~Heuk TTTTT

officialse7en: @charmingDJ It was also a pity for me ..^^

(19) MB_BB: @officialse7en @mingkki21 Hello, you are doing well right?

officialse7en: @MB_BB Eung I’m doing well!! Hi michael!?

(20) raychumen: @officialse7en hi oppa…

officialse7en: @raychumen hi~~ ^^

cr: Ceciliase7en

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