[TWITTER] SE7EN’S TWEETS TRANSLATION (110825-110831) (@officialse7en)

(1) @lucky7__yj Aigoo I’ve passed your birthday a bit^^ Even so, Yoojin, have a good night and happy birthday!!^^ happy bday!!!

(2) @HyunJ0828 Hyun ji~happy birthday!! Hope you have a totally good day!! Happy bday!!

(3) @HayatIsMe happy bday hayatlsme!!! Hope u hbva goood day!!! Holla~

(4) @NandaMendss happy bday nanda!!! Hva greaattt day!!! Holla~~

(5) @withloveNJ happy bday ayah!! Hope u hva greaaattt day!!! Peace!!

(6) 29rain: Finally I’ve finished filming the movie “Emergency” hehehe~So i’ve finished another production in this way~Please watch out for it~ Together with Dalsoo hyungnim…

officialse7en: @29rain Wow!!Finally!! You really worked hard!!Our hyung needs to rest..anyway firstly daebak for your concert!!^^

(7) miclarge1: Good morning~Because of late start to filming I slept well~^^Looking back now, it seems that the ppl I always talk to are the ppl I talk to on twitter as well. To my followers who are sleeping~Get up~Let’s all greet each other together~Everyone have a happy day, a rewarding day, a winning day~

officialse7en: @miclarge1 Good afternoon~ I’m also a follower who was sleeping^^ Kang woo hyung be strong til the end!! fighting!!

miclarge1: @officialse7en Thank you~Today’s weather is so good~Play hard at golf. Hurry and follow hehe

officialse7en: @miclarge1 Hyung when your drama finishes, the weather will start getting a bit chilly~come out dressed like this^^ yfrog.com/18rjxj

LSH0318: @officialse7en @miclarge1 You used the photo which I sent you, right? Eric oppa, like Dongwook oppa said, when you finish filming, how about giving the look a go? hehe and your work will cross over, so be careful not to catch a cold!

officialse7en: @LSH0318 That’s right ^^

(8) jinuSEAN3000: Introducing our Ha el~Little Jung hye young, ha el~ I pray that she will not only have mummy’s pretty face but also her pretty mum’s heart^^

officialse7en: @jinuSEAN3000 ooo ah!! She is really beautiful!! Hyeyoung noona~You worked hard^^

(9) @TheJerryism happy bday jerry!!! Hope u hva goood day bruh!!! Holla~

(10) @goni7 happy bday kaori~~~ hope u hva best day!!!! Tanjobiomedetou!!! Ja ne~~

(11) @xtpjgdmgjgd happy bday jaja!!! Hope u hva best bday!!!! Peace!!!

(12) @JulieZulaa happy bday julie~~~ hope u hva gooood day!! Holla~

(13) First time watching a girl group concert!!Enjoyable time “2NE1 NOLZA” ~Everyone did well and worked hard!! Rest well and fighting til the end~ @mingkki21

(14) @tmsj9387 Soojin~happy birthday!! Hope you have a good day!! Happy bday!

(15) @leaderluna happy bday to ur brother!!! Hope u guys hva goood time!!! Peace!!

(16) @lucky7echuko happy bday echuko!!! Tanjobiomedetou!!!! Hope u hva goood day!!! Ja ne~~~

(17) @LDreamer73 Yeonjoo friend [Dont know if he’s referring to this person by name, or that she’s a performer; yeonjoo = to perform] happy birthday!!^^

(18) @0716chacha @doublev89 Oh~ you guys know each other??^^ hehe

(19) Pjh79dancer: http://photonui.com/2eDb Just as good as Boracay~ It’s the hyupjae beach here

officialse7en: @Pjh79dancer You’ve gone to Boracay to see for youreslf before saying something like that right??^^

(20) @ridharea happy bday ridharea!!! Hope u hva gooood day!!! Peace!!

(21) @aburizu happy bday aburizu!!! Hva greaattt day!!! Holla~

(22) @fernnyk happy bday fernnyk!!!! Hope u hva good day!!! Peace!!

(23) 8/31 Daegu EXCO~Playsmart music festival!! Let’s meet tomorrow!!^^http://yfrog.com/h4i01begj

Sj861117sj: @officialse7en I want to meet you too

officialse7en: @Sj861117sj Strength wherever you are!!

(24) @sikboy_88 happy bday tomomi!!! Hope u hva goood day tmrw!!! Ja ne~~

(25) @PJMNur_ happy bday pjmnur~ hva goood day!!! Holla~~

(26) @RealJyjining Ye jin~happy birthday!! Have a good dream and have a very good day^^ happy bday!!

(27) Malaysia!!! Happy 54th Independent Day to M’sia!! Hope u hva greaaatt day!!! Peace!!!!

(28) 29rain: Congrats congrats RT @lwnmeeeL Blue salt! It premiered today^^~

[Lwmeee is the twitter account for actress Shin sae kyung]

officialse7en: @lwmeee Congrats congrats from me too!!^^

(29) Daegu~~~!!!Today’s performance in Korea after such a long time~It was really enjoyable^^ Thank you and lots of love to everyone who was there today!! Love u all!!! Peace~~~!!!

(30) @mingkki21 Today where oppa performed is the place where u guys will be coming tomorrow!! Today, oppa helped to promote by telling the audience to come tomorrow for 2ne1^^ keke fighting!! Good night~~

CR: ceciliase7en

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