Sandara Park’s Cool Fanboys

A. I-Choose-Sandara-Park-as-my-ideal-girl-fanboys
Choi Minhwan of F.T. Island
Jin Woon of 2AM
Kevin of U-KISS
Alexander of U-KISS
Kim Min Seok of Touch
Swimmer Park Tae Hwan

B. Dara-is-pretty- Dara-is-cute -I-like-Dara – I-especially-like-Dara- statement-giving-fanboys
Danny Ahn of G.O.D
Baseball star Kim Tae Joon
Theater actor Yoon Hyung Ryul
Balladeer Lee Jung Suk
Choi Hyun Joon of V.O.S
Producer Teddy Park of 1TYM
Actor Park Ki Woong
Lee Seung Hwan
Baseball Player Bong Jung-Keun
Kwang Hee of ZE:A
Thai Star Chin Chinawut

C. Radio Interview fanboys
Jang Wooyoung of 2PM
Im Seulong of 2AM

D. KBS2 Champagne Ideal Type World Cup fanboys
MC Mong
Actor Park Hae Jin
Andy Lee of Shinhwa

E. Get-close-to- Thunder-to-get-close-to Dara a.k.a Thunder-is-my-Secret-Weapon-fanboys
Lee Changmin of 2AM
Star Golden Bell’s Host, Jeon Hyeon-moo
Kim Tae Woo

F. Dara-poster-and-photo-loving-fanboys
Actor Chun Jung Myung
Dong Joon of ZE:A
Kevin of ZE:A
Dancer Kwon Young Deuk

G. Fashion, Style and Imitation fanboys
Park Jaebeom
Monster Woo FAM
Kim Heechul of Super Junior
Lee Junho of 2PM

H. YG-is-the-way-to-Dara-fanboys
Lee Hwi Jae

I. Dara-is-my-song’s-muse-fanboys
Indie Artist FatDoo
Double Trouble

J. Your-action-is-fishy-fanboys
Eun Ji Won
Lee Joon of MBLAQ
8eight’s Baek Chan

K. I-want-to-meet-Dara-fanboys
Song Joong Ki

L. I-want- to-get-close-to-Dara-fanboys
Jeon Jun Young of Touch

M. Sandara-Park-is-mine-and-Sandara-Park-I-want-you -statement-giving-fanboys
Soccer Player Ki Sung-Yong
Actor Lee Ji Hoon

N. I-like-Dara-more-than-my-noona-fanboys
Mir of MBLAQ



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