[NEWS] Kim Joong Man talks about Big Bang’s DAZED&CONFUSED Concepts and TOP’s eye infection


The photographer Kim Joong-man worked with three cameras. Big Bang members gathered what ideas they wanted to show, even amidst their busy schedule in Japan.

Taeyang, who has a serious image, wanted to show Good and Bad. Daesung, who has a warm image, wanted to show coldness. Seungri wanted to show double-sided-ness. TOP wanted to show angry chaplain (for a reason he asked me not to publish with his handsome face, so i shall keep it a secret). G-Dragon even got himself special contact lenses.

The day before the photoshoot, TOP contracted an eye infection and did his photoshoot separately. The four other members concentrated on the photoshoot for over 12 hours. A few days later, TOP showed up earlier than the promised time.

To the polite editor, TOP was sorry and said, “I’m too late, aren’t I?” and he checked details on what emotions he should have and what faces he should make before the shoot began.

Editor, who was choosing the best pictures which came out as a result of many peoples’ passions, mumbled to himself— “why haven’t you been to yet, until now!”

source: dctop
trans: toptopia@tumblr via: topxeffectbb@tumblr (via: ibigbang)


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